Video productions

Video productions that make you successful

Videos provide a competitive advantage!

Moving images communicate your message convincingly and emotionally.

Video has therefore developed into one of the most important advertising media. This is no surprise. With more than 5,000 advertising contacts per day, we depend on effective sources of information.
By means of a video, your customer gets a good impression of the strengths of your services in a short time.

We use video portals like YouTube for you. This allows you to reach additional customers with moderate financial investment. YouTube offers you the opportunity to build up your own television station by establishing a channel. A provider with video is also found more often on Google than a provider without video.

With a video you offer your potential customer a direct insight into your company, your products and your services. An authentic presentation immediately conveys trust and seriousness.
From conception to post-production, we produce both nationally and internationally and dub in any language required. Our preferred voice talents work for leading radio stations such as WDR.

Gain a competitive advantage with moving images. Videos and films are the medium of the future!


High quality videos - we have the know-how!

Video Categories

  • Image video
  • Video instructions
  • Tutorials
  • Commercial
  • 3D animation
  • Product video
  • Exhibition video
  • Event videos
  • Reports
  • Aerial photos

WST Video portal

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