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Equitable education for all!

Schools as places of public life were particularly affected by the Sars-CoV-2 pandemic. Schools in Germany closed down in mid-March 2020.

For the future, alternative solutions to the loss of lessons for about 11 million pupils must be created in order to continue to guarantee education.

With our Internet Learning System (ILSys), specially developed for schools, pupils and teachers are able to communicate with each other and hold lessons in a simple way.

With just a few clicks, our internet-based school platform ILSys makes it possible,

  • to communicate in a video conference
  • keep timetables up to date
  • Assign and hand in school tasks
  • to organise themselves effectively

Take a look at our video:

What makes ILSys unique?

  • Data protection according to DS-GVO
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Pupils details are not stored
  • The starting function of the lessons is waived
  • Servers are only operated in Germany
  • No sending of e-mails - Database based system
  • Ilsys is a closed system
  • Ilsys is only accessible to the school in question

Suitable for all output devices. Made for the future.

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