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Our services overview

As a full-service digital agency we offer conception, development and support for all platforms and channels.
Web design
Video productions
Web hosting
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Web design

Your website is part of your communication strategy.

Therefore there can be no off-the-shelf solution! We listen to you carefully in order to specify your wishes already in the first conceptual discussion. Our concept ensures that your website can be found quickly. Interested parties can find relevant content, services and products directly.

Video production

Videos provide a competitive advantage!
Moving images communicate your message convincingly and emotionally.

Video has therefore developed into one of the most important advertising media. This is no surprise. With more than 5,000 advertising contacts per day, we depend on effective sources of information. By means of a video, your customer gets a good impression of the strengths of your products and services in a short time.


WST will transfer your wishes!

User-friendliness is a criterion that should be given high priority when planning a web presence. Therefore, an intuitively operable navigation structure and standard-compliant web programming is absolutely necessary!

Web hosting

Our service for your reliable web presence!

Hosting refers to all technical areas that are necessary to ensure that your web presence, web video and e-mail accounts are accessible on the Internet around the clock. Besides the use of innovative technologies, the availability of the solution is crucial for your success. Servers specially configured by us guarantee an extremely high availability.

SEA - Search Engine Advertising

Targeted advertising strategy for strong results

We support you with Google AdWords to build an SEM campaign, monitor performance and analyse the results.


Tailor-made applications solutions!
Web presences that are tailored to your project.

A gigantic virtual offer awaits the interested party. In a few seconds the decision is made whether a website is trustworthy and appealing. With one or two clicks on the website, the user decides whether information relevant to him or her is provided and easily accessible.

SEO - Search engine optimization

SEO measures
Optimize the search engine ranking of your website.

To win new customers, it is always crucial to be positioned as one of the top hits in search engines on the Internet. With targeted measures in search engine optimisation, exactly this goal is achieved. Step by step we implement the optimal SEO for your website.

Social media

Social Media Marketing
Win new customers and get loyal followers!

It is estimated that almost half of the world's population uses more than one of the five social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Printerest, Twitter and Linkedin on the internet - and the trend is rising.

Communication tool

ILSys - Internet Learning System/h5>
Equitable education for all

Schools as places of public life were particularly affected by the Sars-CoV-2 pandemic. Schools in Germany closed down in mid-March 2020. For the future, alternative solutions to the loss of lessons for approx. 11 million pupils must be created in order to ensure continued education.

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